Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pirate Party Press Release: launch of a "virtual shelter" to allow people to share banned and censored materials

Reporters without Borders have announced the launch of a "virtual
shelter" to allow people to share banned and censored materials, at

Ed Geraghty, Pirate Party UK International affairs spokesperson, said

"We welcome the news, it's just a shame that this sort of thing is
still needed"

"Even in western democracies we're seeing a slide towards censorship;
whether it's "morality filters" being applied to our internet
connections, newspapers scared of publishing cartoons of the prophet
Mohammed, increasingly fatuous super-injunctions or the embarrassment
that was the Twitter Joke Trial"

"And of course, in oppressive regimes things are even worse. So it's
good to see the weight of Reporters Behind Borders behind the
initiative. It's a welcome addition to established sites such as
WikiLeaks and Cryptome.org"

"We also welcome the "hackathon" approach - transparency and openness
are a real benefit to security, something our government might
consider when it's looking to set up its own secure systems"


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