Thursday 14 June 2012

Disabled? No -You are just a troublemaker!! SOLVED

One man's struggle to be heard.

The problems that disabled people face are many. The simple things like cleaning and washing yourself, feeding yourself and communicating can be obstacles that are insurmountable.

One major bug-bear of many wheelchair bound people is that car drivers are inconsiderate of disabled people's needs and safety by parking on this pavement.

As we can see in the above picture at The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth, a wheelchair bound person would need to come off the pavement and onto a busy road to continue on the pavement.

One brave disable man, Stuart Wyatt decided to take direct action by sticking a 'polite' notice on the vehicle explaining the nuisance that it is to wheelchair bound people and by complaining directly to to the owner The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth where the car was parked.

"The issue of actual parking on the pavement is relatively recent," said Mr Wyatt. "But the issue of hotel customers blocking the dropped kerb at the hotel has been an ongoing issue for as long as I have been using my mobility scooter."

Mr Wyatt continued,

"Many of my disabled friends who use mobility aids also have had problems being blocked by the blocked pavements/dropped kerbs, though they are not as comfortable complaining to the hotel as myself."

The above video was seen by many people, including one of Mr Wyatt's friends who was interested in how the hotel had reacted to Mr Wyatt's complaint. Their response not what she expected.

James, the Duty manager of The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth, not only denied there was a problem but implied that Mr Wyatt was a 'troublemaker' for highlighting this problem.

Mr Wyatt explains:
"James told her that I was a known troublemaker, and that I had been banned from the hotel 18 months ago for being drunk and disorderly."

"My illness prevents me from drinking most of the time, although recently I have been having the occasional glass of port once a week. I also do not go out in the evenings, and never go to bars/pubs as I cannot handle the noise."

"James also told her that I was not actually disabled, despite myself being registered disabled since 2007, having a diagnosis of CFS/Fibromyalgia and am currently undergoing tests with the neurology department for multiple sclerosis (I have many of the symptoms of relapsing remitting MS)."

James also told my friend that I am a known trouble maker in Plymouth, and that my name is on a police list along with other homeless people and vagrants."

 "Apart from protesting the cult of Scientology in 2008, and attending a few ukuncut protests a couple of years ago, poor health actually prevents me from protesting much of anything - and the last two days dealing with the hotel will probably put me in bed for a few days. Most of my activism is targeted at the DWP and ATOS - and even that is very limited these days.

But did James really say this?

Yes, as Mr Wyatt's friend had recorded the conversation and posted it onto YouTube.

PoliticsUK have tried to contact The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth for a reply. As of yet, they have not replied to our emails but they have asked for the YouTube video to be taken down citing privacy.

Reply came. 

"We are grateful that this has been brought to our attention. We are currently investigating the incident, the matters giving rise to it and allegations of insensitive behaviour by an employee. Appropriate action will be taken on conclusion of this investigation. The Company takes matters of this nature very seriously. We will provide an update once our investigation has been concluded."

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc

Today the Hotel in question implemented a no parking zone outside the Hotel. There was no cars parked there also.

Congratulations to Stuart Wyatt for showing that complaining does work.

PoliticsUK will update this article when the results of the potential defamation of Mr Wyatt have been release by the Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Plc


  1. A very interesting piece, and shameful on the Copthorne for their insensitivity. I understand that they say it is not their land, but they admitted it was their customers, so they should haven taken some responsibility, and it's good that they now have even though it had to be sorted by going higher than hotel management.
    What made me smile was they still called the police concerning something that they found offensive i.e the wording, even though they themselves said it wasn't on their land. They can't have it both ways.
    Yes I might have used less abusive language had put the stickers on but that's besides the point. Its the principle of the matter.
    I would never stay at that hotel now on principle of their attitude, and I'm not disabled.
    Well done Stuart for standing up for what you believe in.

  2. I was looking for a place for the misses and me to stay while visiting on business. While the Copthorne is convenient, we’ll be staying elsewhere after seeing how they treat the disabled.