Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wikileaks Founder Seeks Asylum From Ecuador

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has sought political asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, according to the South American nation's foreign minister.
Mr Assange has been fighting extradition from the UK to Sweden, where he faces allegations of sexual assault.
He reportedly walked into the Ecuadorian mission in Knightsbridge and made his request for asylum under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration.
Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said Ecuador was considering the request.
The Supreme Court decided on May 30 that Mr Assange's extradition would be lawful and could go ahead but he was given time to consider his response to the judgement.
While awaiting the Supreme Court decision, the Wikileaks founder hosted a talk show on the Kremlin-funded news channel Russia Today during which Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa was one of his guests.
Swedish authorities want him to answer accusations that he raped one woman and sexually molested and coerced another in Stockholm in August 2010 while on a visit to give a lecture.
Mr Assange has not been charged over the allegations and denies any wrongdoing. He claims the accusations are politically motivated because the release of classified documents on his website has angered the US. 
In 2010, amid the furore over Wikileak's release of more than 250,000 classified US State Department cables, Ecuador's deputy foreign minister invited Mr Assange to live and lecture in the country. 
Kintto Lucas told local media that the Australian, who was at that point believed to be in hiding, could be given Ecuadorian residency.

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